Gregersen Properties is not just a real estate investment trust or large syndication, not just a wholesale company or intermediary, not a property flipper and not a property management company or real estate brokerage. We are all of these, integrated into one.

This promotes synergy, drives profits and increases margins by allowing us to be more competitive than other organizations that focus on these individual spaces. We are a privately owned company with a lean and dynamic staff that operates in Wyoming and Texas and is expanding to other markets.

Our #1 Target Before End of 2024: $2MM in profit

Avenues That Will Take Us There

Cash flow from integrated company departments

Rental property portfolio: Passive cash flow from real estate investments (single family, multifamily and commercial); $80,000/year currently

Wholesaling: Generating off-market deals and selling them to our investors

Wholetailing: Light rehab and clean-up of distressed properties and listing at retail price on market

Fix and flip: Larger rehabs of distressed properties and putting back on market for retail price

Business development: Looking at diverse business development opportunities across many industries that align with our team’s variety of skill sets.

Potential Future Opportunities

Property and project management: We currently manage our own properties and projects, which saves us money. In year 2 and 3, we plan to also manage this for our investors and provide turnkey properties for others.

Real estate brokerage: We generate revenue through commissions from buying and selling properties.

Brand monetization: We are looking at opportunities to create income from our brand, such as sponsorships, consulting, etc.

What Sets Us Apart

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Our Brand:

This is something we’ve worked extremely hard on developing. Thanks to our brand exposure and marketing, we now have people reach out to us every day to:


  • sell their property
  • buy their next investment property
  • join one of our integrated teams
  • ask for advice on their next move 
  • participate on a project or syndicate of ours


People recognize our mountain logo and our name. Our brand is relatable—people see themselves doing what we do. They follow us to learn more about investing and draw inspiration to make their first deal.
More than anything, people want to be associated with our brand. Partners are lined up to participate in or fund our deals. Contractors compete for our jobs—working for us increases their business as it links them to our network, and they believe in the quality and standards we hold them to. Lastly, job seekers are eager to work for Gregersen Properties, based on our work ethic, lucrative projects, and company culture.
Our projects elevate and push the market. The quality of our projects creates a huge demand for our input, leading to higher returns and listing prices.

Our Integrated Team:

What really sets us apart from other real estate companies or investors is our company integration. We are one of the few real estate companies with multiple departments in-house, which allows us to have better quality control and assurance while keeping third-party costs low. It also expands our deal flow funnel, as we aren’t just working in a single silo, for example property management only, but rather we are exposed to and networking alongside a diverse and wide ranging set of other top industry professionals.

Our Development Team:

Building on our experience of buying distressed assets and turning them around, we now look at diverse business development opportunities across many industries that align with our team’s skill sets. We have a strong development team that challenges every deal we consider. We encourage team members, mentors, and our senior mastermind board to scrutinize potential deals, poke holes in them, and see if they still make sense. If they do, and/or risk can be properly mitigated, we pull the trigger while others wait on the sidelines. We don’t believe in “paralysis by analysis.”

Our Deal Flow:

Our deal flow is consistently good. Thanks to our company integration and relentless commitment to marketing, we have no shortage of prospective deals coming our way. Our acquisitions team is built to discover off-market deals, which we share with our investor list. We call ourselves serial networkers, as we are networking constantly, which often results in word-of-mouth deals coming to us first.

Our Financing:

This is the biggest reason we can move quickly on small and large deals.

Investor relationships: We nurture our relationships with our investors by bringing their investments to life, giving them something tangible for their money. We have short- and long-term investment options, as well a diverse offering of risk levels and returns.


Syndications: These are used to fund our larger multifamily and commercial projects. We also syndicate many of our business development opportunities.

Lines of credit: We have lines of credit with multiple private lenders and banks, which allows us to move quickly on small to mid-sized projects.

Bank relationships: We have developed and nurtured strong banking relationships, which allows us to increase our returns by using bank financing whenever possible.

Free cash flow: With our number 1 target being centered around generating free cash flow in multiple ways, we continue to pay down debt and grow our equity position.


Our Operations:

Our day-to-day processes and systems keep things running smoothly.

Standard operating procedures: We are constantly refining our systems and operations for better efficiency.
After-action reviews: We intentionally carve out time for these and make sure that what we learn is incorporated into our SOPs.

Software/technology: We use innovative software and collaborative apps to keep our team organized and productive.

Recruiting and training: Recruitment is not difficult, as our brand reputation precedes us, and our current employees can attest to how great it is to work for us.

  • We are able to quickly onboard and get people up to speed.
  • We build in backups for critical operations staff roles so we are never left scrambling to fill gaps should the need arise.
  • Our diverse team allows us to be nimble and allocate resources to the variety of projects we have on deck at any time.

Return on investment: We diligently track ROI on every project.

Needs analysis: We approach every transaction or potential opportunity by taking the time to really understand what’s needed. For example:

  • This could be the seller who is having trouble finding their next home—we often have options in-house to help them find the property seamlessly.
  • This is the investor who wants to scale up into a large multifamily, but needs help with the logistics of selling their single-family properties, finding the right multifamily deal and making sure this all times out to meet 1031 exchange requirements.
  • This might be the passive investor who wants to diversify in real estate, but also wants to really understand their new investment.
  • This is the young professional who wants to start investing in real estate but doesn’t know where to begin and wants to participate in a deal or use one of our turnkey options.

Because our team is so strongly integrated, we are able to find and propose winning solutions that others simply cannot offer.

What Its Like to Work for Us

Enjoy the road to Hana. The road to Hana—a long, curving scenic highway that ends in a small, sleepy town on the Hawaiian island of Maui—is often used as a metaphor for enjoying the journey rather than impatiently striving for the destination. We want our staff to enjoy the everyday work, the stepping-stones to success, and the personal and professional development along the way.

We also mean “enjoy the road to Hana” literally, because when we hit our $1M profit target, our entire team and their plus-ones will be taking a trip to Maui, Hawaii, for our next strategy session. We believe it’s important to celebrate every little accomplishment, and this will be how we celebrate this major accomplishment.

Here are some other reasons our team loves working with us:

  • Our workspace is dynamic and open, with little structure when it comes to our office setting. Our team can work remotely from anywhere.
  • We host quarterly meetings at different locations to help us reset and refocus on our key company goals. These meetings are in person, which deepens working relationships. We aim to start moving these to destination venues in year 2.
  • Our team members work their day around what else is important in their life: family, friends, fitness. We don’t hire people who clock in and out and keep track of hours; we hire people who are goal oriented with a strong work ethic. Some weeks they put in a focused and productive 20 hours and other weeks they hustle for 60 hours because that’s what the project requires.
  • If a team member isn’t energized and inspired by their work, we make adjustments to find a role that’s a better fit.
  • Our staff members enjoy what they do—interacting with our clients, partners, and investors and helping them achieve their goals while gaining experience and professional growth.
  • We thrive on direct feedback. We ask for it and our team takes the time to give it to one another when it’s requested. Indirect communication slows down meetings, decreases productivity, and ultimately keeps us from achieving our goals. That said, we communicate respectfully and personably. We foster strong relationships among our colleagues, but we aren’t afraid to challenge one another.
  • Most of our team members work on 100% commission.

Our Team Expectations

Humility: Though we are some of the most competitive individuals you will ever meet, we take as much pride in other team members’ successes as our own. We make this easy by being thoughtful and intentional in recognizing progress and accomplishments and providing positive feedback as often as possible. We also realize that our individual ideas may not get picked up as collective decisions are made for the good of the company, but that isn’t a reflection on us personally or even our ideas. We share in the company’s success and failures.

Ownership: We put our team members in positions they can take ownership of, and they thrive because they are able to control their own destiny. We collectively hold each other accountable when needed, but ultimately we hold ourselves accountable. Our team members are proactive and self-motivated. We have a relentless work ethic combined with a competitive spirit. Our team does not shy away from long hours and doing what it takes to close the deal and ensure it’s complete.

Perseverance: We are in this to win, and we don’t give up. Of course we encounter ups and downs on the way to achieving our ambitious goals, but we keep coming back. We know we are always just one “Yes” away from closing a deal. Our team members are go-getters who aren’t afraid to take risks. It’s better to act quickly and learn on the fly than do nothing and have zero impact or growth.

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