My Story:

Casey Gregersen

Owner & Integrator of Gregersen Properties and Wyohouses

Working 10 years in Corporate America

Thanks to a hard-earned Masters in Petroleum Engineering degree from the University of Wyoming, and some luck meeting the right people, since 2011 I have worked for Shell Oil Company based in Houston, TX.


Here I’ve been surrounded by even more inspirational leaders and mentors, and given many opportunities to move around through many different roles, one of the big perks of working for one of the largest oil companies in the world.


Some of these roles were technical, lots of project management, and possibly most important was the multiple coaching/leadership roles where I learned the soft skills and art of influencing others to become a great leader.


I’ve learned how to communicate and inspire my peers so they can also produce at a high level.  

Learning that all small business and franchise models are not created equal …

In 2016, thanks to the inspiration of my wife, we bought our first franchise, a Pure Barre studio in the middle of West Texas. 


As of today, we’ve now bought and sold 7 different franchises spanning from Texas to California.  This has proven to be an MBA degree on steroids and taken me from being a passive real estate investor to launching a fully integrated real estate team with multiple departments and a sophisticated sales and marketing system


Through these Pure Barre franchises, we learned the critical skills required to understand how to build a business from the ground up and turn around distressed businesses on the brink of shutting down. 


Other critical entrepreneur skills were applied, including managing cash flow, managing and inspiring part and full-time employees, and maintaining an efficient organization with multiple levels of supervision. 


Arguably the most critical skill that I learned and refined was understanding how to use Sales and Marketing to maximize profits.  


How my childhood shaped ME

I grew up in a small town in Northern Wyoming.  When we used to take road trips in the car, my parents would write out math tables for me to complete in the backseat. 


I still remember the Math contest I won in 3rd grade, and the prize was 4 free tickets to a University of Wyoming football game, which quickly became my other passion in life, SPORTS. 


Throughout childhood, I learned to work hard for something and compete along with many other life lessons of success and failure.  I experienced both ends of the spectrum, from quarterbacking back-to-back State Championships in high school to a 5-year college career where we won less than 10 games TOTAL in 5 years! 


Invaluable lessons were learned from an array of coaches with different leadership styles, some who taught me how to cope with harsh criticism, and others who were some of my most inspirational mentors who provided important coaching and support at the same time.


When competitive sports ended for me in 2010, my life was forever changed when my parents made the best possible investment they could ever have in the future by co-signing on my first house in Laramie, WY. 


They also allowed me to use $10,000 for a down payment which came out of the college savings that I had managed to not completely tap out through athletic/academic scholarships and low-interest student loans. 


Reading and implementing:

The catalyst, as it has been for many before me, was reading Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2015.  This book created a snowball effect as I began reading more books on real estate and other entrepreneur/business-related topics. 


Unlike most, I started taking massive action immediately, buying Pure Barre franchises and making moves in the real estate space.  At times, I’ll be the first to admit we were moving too fast and had to learn many lessons the hard way. 


We remained resilient and kept iterating and learning from our mistakes.  In less than 5 years, we’ve bought and sold over 50 properties and 7 franchises in Texas, California, and Wyoming while still working full-time at Shell.