Get Into a Cash Flowing Rental Property Of Your Own



We Find Property Under
Market Value

We get you into an off market property so you don’t have to compete against everyone else.


We Manage Renovations
and Contractors

No need to make the same mistakes everyone does or deal with all the headaches of bad contractors.


We Screen and Place
Your Tenant

We help you find the right the tenant so you can be cashflowing from day one! Our marketing team consistently gets higher rents than the competition.


Ever imagined what it would be like to get into a rental property that is cash flowing the day you close?

We recognize that there are so many individual out there who would love to be real estate investors but don’t have the time to learn the industry, or would just prefer not deal with the time/money associated with the learning curve. Thats where we come in!

Let our team of experts help you with:

✔️Property Search and Acquisition

✔️Renovations and Value Ad

✔️Property Management

Here’s the KICKER, you can finance all repairs/upgrades and purchase price into one loan, thus taking advantage of leverage and historically low interest rates!

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Our Integrated Team

What really sets us apart from other real estate companies or investors is our company integration. We are one of the few real estate companies with multiple departments in-house, which allows us to have better quality control and assurance while keeping third-party costs low. It also expands our deal flow funnel, as we aren’t just working in a single silo, for example property management only, but rather we are exposed to and networking alongside a diverse and wide ranging set of other top industry professionals.


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