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Integrated Real Estate Firm in Wyoming

Gregersen Properties is not just a real estate investment trust or large syndication, not just a wholesale company or intermediary, not a property flipper and not a property management company or real estate brokerage. We are all of these, integrated into one.

This promotes synergy, drives profits and increases margins by allowing us to be more competitive than other organizations that focus on these individual spaces. We are a privately owned company with a lean and dynamic staff that operates in Wyoming and Texas and is expanding to other markets.

Our Business is Built on Strong Relationships, and we are currently looking for:

Team Members

  • Sales Focused Individuals
  • Contractors
  • Laborers


  • Real Estate Agents
  • Investors

        (on all experience levels)


  • Home Buyers
  • Home Sellers
  • Tenants

Watch this video from our CEO to learn about our vision!

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