Sell Your House With No Setbacks In Laramie County

Selling your house to local investors is a great way to avoid many common problems people face when selling their homes. Real estate investment companies are experienced in buying and selling properties, so they can help you get the best possible price for your home. And at Gregersen Properties, we’re the most reliable real estate investment company in all of Laramie County.

Our experience and market knowledge are second to none, and we always look out for our client’s best interests. So you won’t have to search ”how to sell my house” or ”how do I find someone to buy my house” anymore because we’re here to help you!

Get To Know Us More!

In 2016, our owner Casey Gregersen bought franchises from Pure Barre studios to help him grow as an entrepreneur and investor. He’s now fully integrated his real estate team with multiple departments, including managing cash flows, part-time employees (and full-time ones!), efficient organization structures, + supervision levels. It all adds up!

We Have A Simple Process.

At Gregersen Properties, we make selling your house fast, easy, and stress-free. We’ll take care of everything for you, from start to finish. Here’s how it works:


  1. Contact us or fill out the form to give us all the information about your property and what you’re searching for.
  2. We’ll evaluate your property and offer you an informed, reasonable assessment. We’ll also go over the finest approach to selling your house.
  3. We’ll give you cash for your house on time- as little as two weeks. If you need more time, we will do free home re-evaluations.

Benefits Of Selling Your House To Our Local Investors

We’ll Buy Your House As-Is.

Our investors are not planning on living in your home; we look for homes that are old and outdated because we can fix them up themselves before selling them at a profit.

You’re Nearly Guaranteed To Get The Funding You Need

We pay with cash, so no chance comes along where a buyer will need mortgage approval and can’t get their loan because the lender decided they were’ credit-worthy after all.

We Strive To Close The Deal Sooner.

You can sell your property as soon as you agree on the conditions of sale with our all-cash buyers. It will take about two weeks if they need a mortgage.

Flexibility In Purchase Agreements Is Possible.

Selling your property is much faster when you use all cash buyers because we’re willing to buy without conditions. 

We Are The Perfect Solution For Your Needs.

At Gregersen Properties, we’re here to help you and make the selling process quicker and easier for you. For many years our reliable real estate investment company has been providing top-notch services to all our clients in Laramie County.

Stop searching ”tips to sell my house” or ”how do I find someone to buy my house” and work with the pros today!