Sell Your House In Any Situation In Albany County

Finding the right real estate investment company to sell your house to can be difficult. It’s crucial to find a reputable company with the experience that can buy your house in any situation. Fortunately, one company that stands out above the rest meets Gregersen Properties when it comes to real estate investment companies in Albany County.


We’re a privately owned company with a lean and dynamic staff that operates in Wyoming, Montana, and Texas and is expanding to other markets soon. Our reliable company is a complete integration of a real estate investment company or large syndication, intermediary, property management company, and a real estate brokerage. Our main values are humility, ownership, and perseverance, so you can trust we’re the real deal!

Discover More About Us!

The Gregersen Properties Real Estate team is a well-oiled machine that has succeeded in the real estate market. With multiple departments, including one to handle payroll and another for marketing purposes, this allowed them to manage their cash flows and provide full-service representation to part-time employees or those looking for a permanent position.


In 2016 our owner Casey bought franchises from Pure Barre studios which helped him grow as an entrepreneur by applying critical skills such as managing cashing flows, rolling items/services, etc.


Gregersen’s curiosity and drive to learn more about entrepreneurship led him down an entrepreneurial path. He read books on real estate, bought franchises for businesses related to barre fitness studios (Pure Barre), and made moves in the industry that are sure not common knowledge.

We Can Buy Houses In Any Situation

At Gregersen Properties, we pride ourselves on being able to buy houses in any situation, such as:


-Facing Foreclosure

-Inherited a house

-Going through a divorce

-Upside down or behind on your mortgage

-Tired of dealing with bad tenants in a rental property

-Owe back taxes or have liens on your house

-Have a fire or water-damaged house

Work With The Real Estate Experts In The Area!

If you’re looking for the ”best way to sell my house” or ”how to convince people to buy my house”, Gregersen Properties has the answer for you. We’re real estate experts in the area and know how to get your house sold fast, no matter what situation you’re in.


Our workspace is dynamic and open, and our team can work remotely from anywhere. Our team members work their day around what else is important in their life: family, friends, fitness. So, if you’re looking for a real estate investment company different from the rest, look no further than Gregersen Properties.